About Us

Whoa! Are you really reading this? Awesome.
We’ll make it quick for you.

We realize this is the usual place where companies write endlessly about themselves. Yep. We get it.
Boring. So we won’t do it! Promise. We’ll just let the furniture stand for itself. But – isn’t there always a “but?” –
there are a few things you should know about us: (the following should be read at the speed of that guy on
the radio who reads all the fine print stuff)

1. We make everything in our own factory in New England and we make it really well (hand tied, bench made, hand rubbed, etc.).

2. Our client is King (or Queen). Just ask. It’s very likely we can (and will) do whatever it takes to please our clients.

D. (Ok, Three, just seeing if you were still paying attention…) If you don’t see something you want, just ask. We do custom. Lots of custom.

4. We love a good cocktail and just in case you do too, we built a big, bad bar in our showroom (see above).

5. Traditional can be cool.

Whew. All done. Told you it would be quick.

THE NEW traditionalists