The New Traditionalists at Wonder! Deerfield

Wonder, a unique children’s store in Deerfield, IL, recently put up a display featuring the ducduc Campaign and The New Traditionalists Regency cribs and dressers, and we think it looks great.

Wonder is a cool place. It’s more like an interactive center for new families than just a giant store – parents can take all sorts of classes on how to manage parent-y things, while the kids are entertained elsewhere. Except they don’t just set up, you know, a craft table and a bowl of Goldfish. They put the kids in a chess tournament, or a cooking class, if your child is ready to advance beyond the Easy Bake Oven. Basically, this isn’t your grandmother’s baby boutique. Or your mother’s, I guess. It’s more like yours, and your kids’.

Check it out if you’re in the Chicago area. If you can’t make it there, stop by our own showroom in New York. Maybe we can get Philip to challenge you to a game of checkers. Or at least set out some wholesome snacks.

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