Polyvore is making it so much easier to ignore all this work

I don’t think I actually slept last night. I think I just did that thing where you sort of half sleep, half keep checking your phone every hour, and by the time your alarm goes off (in literally the most annoying sound you could find), you just convince yourself that you really did have your eyes closed and your brain off and maybe even dreamed, about something, sort of, that you can almost remember, but not entirely, because again, you were sleeping. Either way, by the time I made coffee and breakfast and found clothes and keys and a coat and hat (finally, New York, finally), I’d convinced myself I’d slept well and was ready for work and responsibilities and life in general. But I’m pretty sure the lie was destined to fail, because by noon I was literally sitting at my desk, looking up pictures of beds. Luckily, we just started a Polyvore account (,┬áso it was completely easy to search for an entire bedroom to imagine myself at home in.

I started with our own, obviously, because Bed no. Twenty One is sort of what I constantly imagine hauling up my walk-up and cramming into my tiny little room on the Upper West Side, until I remember I’d actually have to evict my roommates and tear down there walls for it to fit. But beyond that, it’s super simple. Click on the tag, or just search “beds,” in the Items section. Voila. Dream room pieces galore; your personal oasis at your desk. Or in your actual oasis, I guess, if you’re not at work but you’re just sort of bored.

Try it out, with anything you want. Living room, chairs, pizza, Morocco – whatever you’re feeling. It’s an easy, clean way to build up a visual collective, with links and price-tags if you want to make it official. Let us know what you find! We’ll probably just keep searching of pillows. For today, anyway.

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