We’ve noticed the amper&and has found a home in some of our favorite establishments in San Francisco. The amper&and has always had a home in cocktail parlance; Gin&Tonic, Scotch&Soda. The cocktail lounge Bourbon&Branch’s name comes from the 1800’s when ‘branch’ was a tiny stream of clean water and you would ask for that water to be mixed with your bourbon. It’s in the location of an old Speakeasy. (Did you know the term Speakeasy was coined when bartenders during the prohibition would ask patrons to ‘speak easy’ when ordering so as not to raise suspicion of the
authortities.) It’s a fun place to tie one on.

Baker&Banker’s name was conceived by a partnership, one of marriage&commerce. Lori Baker is a trained pastry chef. Her husband, Jeff Banker, is chef, not a bean counter. Their restaurant is located in an old apothecary and serves up delicious farm to table fare.

Anchor&Hope is named after an old tavern in London that the owners love. It sounds like it could be a wacky San Fran religion. But alas, it serves up fish in a great lofty space that was once a turn of the century mechanic’s warehouse. It’s a little East Coast and a little West Coast & a lot of tasty.

Not sure how Sons&Daughters got their name but it would be easy enough to guess. We like that they are young, already have a Michelin star & that their restaurant was not ‘built to cater to any specific market or population.’ They have a farm in Los Gatos where a lot of the produce is grown and they get the rest from around the Bay area.

Happy San&Francisco-ing.

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