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All Those Sharp Dressed Men

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Our showroom in SoHo puts us in the middle of a lot of things, not to mention that our perch right above Balthazar is a great spot to people-watch and see what’s new in fashion. What we have noticed recently is the  renaissance of gentlemanly dressing underway.  Our neighbors, designers like Barker Black, Jack Spade, and John Varvatos are creating classic, well made clothes and accessories with clever details that were probably not on your father’s suit or brogues.  Some have never strayed from their sartorial British roots like Paul Smith and Duncan Quinn, but have used colorful fabrics and unique patterns to put their own spin on traditional menswear.

What we find fresh and welcome about this trend toward tradition is that it’s not stuffy at all. There are nods to serious details like functional cuff buttons on suits, and more French cuffs on shirts, but the style is more about making each piece your own…..suit jacket with jeans, lace-up shoes with shorts.

It’s a new era, and while men’s style has definitely evolved from ZZ Top’s 80’s flash, the old lyrics hold true,

“Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man.”

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